The Flags

Working as a visual artist, Angus Watt is a flag maker, who has developed his own bold and innovative style over many years. Authenticity and originality lie at the heart of his work and keep it moving in new and exciting directions. Angus’ flags vary greatly in design and size. The flags work with the surrounding landscape to create images of power, beauty and grace. Angus Watt is the bespoke flag manufacturer and suppliers for WOMAD, the Eden Project and for Glastonbury flags. His high quality flags harness the energies of the wind and sun to create a natural and dynamic art form. Angus’ skill lies in being able to transform an otherwise ordinary public place into a space with a heartbeat.

Angus has devoted a large part of his creative life to making these works and infusing them with integrity. He likes to think of them as a proper fusion of several media, combining painting and sculpture with ‘environmental’ art. Light, sound and kinetic movement, all woven together in the moment. Of course they lend themselves naturally to heightening the sense of any occasion or event too, as they are so celebratory.

Recent  Projects

Video Projections – Experimentations With Video Projections At Night Onto New Series Of White Banners, Extending The Theme Of ‘Forest.’

Oerol Festival – Site Specific Installations On Large Expanse Of Beach On Friesian Island Of Terschelling, NL

Eden Project – Cornwall, UK  Changing Seasonal Banners At New Eco-Structure On A Yearly Basis From Its Open In 2000 To Present Day.

Wellington International Festival Of Arts – Site Specific En-Masse Installations Of Banners In Wellington, New Zealand.