The Flags

Welcome to my website.

Ive reduced it right down to a very simple format with few images, to reduce the rampant plagiarism.

If you have seen the flags before in the flesh then you wont need to see lots of glossy images and video as you will already know what they are. But if you havent seen them  and would like more information, please go to the Contact  page and get in touch, giving as much info as possible about your project.

The About page has a statement and a press interview for Quantas  that deals with some autobiography.

I don’t generally get involved with corporate-led or commercial projects, although I am always open to interesting work and ideas- the more creative the better:  please see  the Projects page for more detail.

The preferred context for the  flags is good open natural breezy space.

Thank you

Angus Watt

Artist-led projects

  • “Living Standards” Commissioned by The Tate Gallery, Cornwall – a  site-specific touring work , in West Cornwall installed in 3 locations during    solar eclipse as part of ‘As Dark as Light”
  • Installation art Festival, arranged by St Ives International & Tate Gallery
  • “In Flagrante Delicto” –  touring installation project (200 flags) at 6 sites in North UK  during “Year of Visual Art”
  • “Tricolour” – a project Commissioned originally  for  Royal Crescent, Bath- a large- scale project consisting of 3 colours of banners ( Red White    and Gold) used to  change environment/atmospheres over 3 weeks, using large scale banners/colour.
  • “Oerol” – Terschelling ,Holland –landscape based installation art festival, a large installation of flags along massive beach on island in North Sea,
  • Workshops, making/designing flags-  with WOMAD Foundation:
  • WomAdalaide –  Aboriginal  flags,  collaborative project with 12 Pitjinjatjarra artists from uplands of South Australia


  • Womad   1994 – present
  • Glastonbury Festival    2003 – present
  • Bestival & Camp B.  2005 – present
  • Beautiful Days – 2007 – present
  •  …& many more


  • Adelaide  Australia  (womad)
  • Acapulco Mexico – (Nachlab )
  • New York USA – original Woodstock site – (Mysteryland)
  • Colombia – Nachlab flags
  • Toronto  Canada – Wayhome festival, Bestival
  • Perth Oz – Nachlab flags
  • Ibiza Spain – Nachlab flags
  • Singapore – Gran Prix  installations for cultural programme
  • Abu Dhabi  UAE  (womad)
  • Santiago,  Chile  (Mysteryland)
  • Pyatigorsk, Russia – (womad)
  • Playa Del Carmen Mexico – Nachlab flags
  • Perth, Oz – (Heads of Commonwealth Summit)
  • Sri Lanka – (womad – Festival of Drumming)
  • Shanghai – (Nachlab)
  • Taranaki & Aukland – New Zealand (womad)
  • Uruguay – (Nachlab)
  • Wellington – New Zealand  Festival of Arts


  • Pukkelpop – Belgium
  • Mysteryland – Holland
  • Womad – Las Palmas, Sicily, Athens, Fuerteventura, Caceres
  • London – Nachlab flags
  • Rimini Italy – Nachlab flags
  • Ibiza Spain – Nachlab flags


  • Eden Project-  making new flags during formative  years for famed  eco-centre in Cornwall UK.
  • Melbourne Museum – site specific artwork , collaborative, with indigenous artist Glenn Romanis and Shona Watt
  • South Bank Centre London.  flags along river Thames, collaborative with Shona Watt
  • Womad- 1994 til present